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    1. Products
      Changli Haidong aquatic product and food stuff co., ltd. was established in January 24, 2000, which is located in the south of chiyangkou village. Changli county, Hebei province has the registered capital of 20 million CNY, our company is specialized in the research and development, hatching, breeding, processing, exporting of aquatic products, including frozen boiled baby clam meat, bay scallop (IQF), frozen half-shell sea scallop, comb pen shell, sea scallop, frozen octopus, etc ...
      In order to improve the company image, strengthen propaganda, create good conditions for the companys operation and development, highlight our company’s scale and strength and show the companys external image preferably, Changli Haidong aquatic product and food stuff co., ltd.’ s official website, http:www.cyclenoodle.com has been updated successfully to make the content more rich, more prompt.
      As the purpose of improving the companys image, advertising our products, providing the high-quality service for the customer and increasing the companys influence, the website’s function design, service contents and pattern of manifestation, etc has been adjusted according to the functional partition to provide more comprehensive, efficient and convenient services for our customers. ‘Customer satisfaction’ is our greatest pursuit, we will provide quality services to our customers with more plump enthusiasm, more focused mind and more professional quality as usual.
      Success updating symbols that our company will reach a higher level, put forward more requirements in terms of media publicity, and set a solid foundation for the long-term development.
      For revamped website has a lot of shortcomings, we are trying our best to improve it. Wish you can leave the valuable opinions and suggestions while browsing.
      Feedback mail: haidong666888@126.com.


      Contact us

      Address :the south of chiyangkou village,Changli county, Hebei province
      Telephone :0335-2260288
      Fax :0335-2260188

      Address :the south of chiyangkou village,Changli county, Hebei province    Telephone :0335-2260288
       Fax :0335-2260188     post code:066600
      版權所有 Changli Haidong aquatic product and food stuff co